Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fish and guests

Smell after five days.

The saying within our family is sacred.

Some of the things we do to survive one house for a longer period of time?

If at all possible, family occupies different floors.
Guests having access to their own fridge, bathroom and exit makes for easier times.

Trading off kitchen duties. Stepping up to doing dishes and cooking meals.
We also help each other with groceries and pay for our own meals out.

Make sure everyone has a private time and space.
An hour of reading, cruising the net or walk alone will do a great deal to improve together time.

Hold negative comments, no matter how valid- unless the situation is dangerous.
If you feel you cannot keep it to yourself- leave.

Discipline is only for the parent unless you are asked or alone.
Even then, never go further with negative discipline than the parent would. Never.

Remember that being polite goes a long way.
Please, may I and thank you.

Last, attempt to leave BEFORE you are the fish....

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