Saturday, December 31, 2011

It is a wrap

A good year
Son married a charming young lady
She makes him smile and laugh

Daughter enjoyed a year at home
With the light of our eye
Our grandson
Our son in law
Continued in his wonderful job
We warn him that the government Will cut back
He reminds us that would only return them to the farm

Work became very part time for me
Enjoying an occasional substitute position
And four hours a week mentoring.
My sewing machine is set up
But it has yet to find a real quilt.

Hubby made three amazing doors
Who ever knew that ALL of those tools
Collected over 30 years of birthdays
And Christmas holydays
Would turn into an amazing workshop?
Our children have requested tables
He has begun to draw

Travel was supposed to slow
About 21,000 air miles and 4,000 by car
Trips to see family
Continued to take every bit of my supplimental income.

Read my share of spy novels. Boring
Watched way too much of Yes to the Dress. Even more boring
Found my way to the library
Enjoying Elizebethan novels now.

Slowly my husband and I are carving out our time together
And apart.

This is the first year I have stepped back from "bag lady" worry.
It has changed our relationship.
I don't feel the need to hoard money for savings
He does not feel the need to seek to spend.
It works.
We are both happier.

We also stopped worrying about the end of the world
That was huge to let go of.
Politics is local
That is great.

We have plenty.

Our children are bright enough to survive.

Communication is about compassion with my sibs.
What a change that has brought.

Life is good
On to 2012!

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Bob Lowry said...

No one could ask for more. 2011 has been a watershed year for you and your family. Congratulations and prayers that 2012 is a repeat of all the good and clarity that came your way.