Monday, December 05, 2011

Moving mom

Mom chose to move to an independent care center. She chose a smaller apartment because it has a fantastic view. Now it is time to downsize.
When mom moved my sister and I moved as many of her pieces of art as possible. Her place is fantastic, relaxing, fun, and wonderful. The rest needs to go so we can sell the house.
First, inventory. There are five of us "kids" from 49-59. An inventory lets everyone know what is there.
My iPad came in handy. Pictures were fast and furious. My sister,out of town, posted all photos on Picassa. We each could make comments on pieces. Lots of fun memories shared.
Next month we will gather-two of us on Skype. We choose numbers 1-5 and then begin picking.
I'll tell you, doing it this way sure makes it fun.
Mom is excited. She loves to see her stuff in our houses. Nice to be moving forward while Mom is still with us.


Renee said...

how wonderful that y'all can split things up amicably

Bob Lowry said...

Taking photos and sending them to relatives is a great idea. When it is time for my dad to downsize from his cottage to an apartment I'll hope I remember that idea!

Janette said...

My iPad is my friend. Photos save loads of work- and lots of hurt feelings. One person's trash is another's treasure. We are learning that often in this process.