Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Every once in a while I read that someone feels that we are "done" with the war.
 Somehow that missed the many thousands of soldiers who are still serving.
Our family has been Army strong for many years. We are now in the middle of the second generation to serve. This is the hut that one of the children that we grew up with. We met her when she was a three year old- and could hold a conversation with you with her eyes. She is now an Army nurse doing trauma work in Afghanistan.

Last week I sent out a package to a father of four- Army soldier- who is serving in a village with only six other Americans. We sent him things of home- like US coffee and beef jerky. Since he lives in the village, he eats their food...which is not to the normal US palate. He acts as a mayor- keeping things in check so the enemy will stay at bay.

Yesterday a helicopter went down where my son is serving in Washington. Night flying- always dangerous. They train because that helicopter is often the eyes for the people on the ground. Keeping guard while others take a shift.

Today, when I sit in my warm house and complain that the mail may be one more day delayed, I take pause and thank the Lord that I live in a country where "young people" still choose to serve. They serve the impoverished, the illiterate, the injured and tired in the newest branch of the State Department, the US military.

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ancient one said...

For now all my soldiers are back in USA. My cousin Addie sent back pictures that look like the one you posted. My Grandson-in-law received the purple heart and they have a baby due on Jan.12. Another cousin was sent to Washington State when he returned. My other Grandson-in-law returned to his base in Hawaii. I will pray for all your young people serving and please tell them how Thankful I am for all they do.