Friday, December 30, 2011

What is on your reading list?

Going for the classics this year.
Last year was Elizabethan literature.
Looking forward to Dickens, Twain and a bit of Plato.
There are a few books of my father's on a spiritual bend.
The old family bible will also be explored.
I don't do fluff well.

I have to be fully relaxed OR traveling to read.
It sounds like opposits, but they are the same in many ways.
I can do nothing else productive in either situation:)

What are you reading?


Bob Lowry said...

My reading is over over the place. I just finished Richard Branson's "Stripping Business Bare," an excellent overview of a man who has always put customers first.

Now I am reading a autobiography of David Carr. He is a NY Times columnist who went through a very dark period and came out healed and whole. It is a fascinating story.

I am also reading "Skeleton on the Zahara" and "The Soul of C.S. Lewis." I re-watched Shadowland and wanted to know more about him.

For lightness I prefer J.A. Jance, Robert Crais, and Sandra Brown.

Renee said...

I never know what I"ll be reading, many times it depends what is available for review.

Sue said...

Hi Janette, I found you by way of Living Richly. . . I love your reading list and would love to have the time to read the same but I am in Bible College and so I'll be reading for four classes a quarter till June of 2013. But that's okay I am loving it and blessed to be there. Enjoy your reading list and 2012.