Monday, January 23, 2012

Being calm that having a job is not the end game

We have been retired for more than a year. There is constant, underlaying factor in our retirement. Maybe,  just maybe, one of us should have a paying job. 

Both of us are employable. We could return to our fields and gain employment again. It wouldn't be overly difficult. We both get offers.

What is the purpose of working outside of the home for us? Time filled with meetings and paperwork. We would have more community- but not necessarily of our choosing.

What do we do when we are home? Hobbies, travel, talk to family on the phone, watch the hawks migrate. Working means we would not be able to pull the boat to the lake on warm summer days!

Do you ever feel that pull?
Like you SHOULD be working?
Do you feel that "Protestant work ethic" that someone not engaged in commerce is wasting time?


Kimberly said...

Not at all! LOL! Maybe when the girls are older I will, but for now, nope!

Renee said...

I look upon my volunteering as work. Without the hours I put into theater, our community wouldnt have children's theater

Janette said...

Renee, you have actually hit it on the head. The key word is paying.

Kimberly, l agree. Being a mom to active kids IS a full time job.

Barbara Torris said...

I woke up every day for with gratitude in my heart. Imagine, we have an income and we can still enjoy our time together. No pull here!


Barb said...

Nooooooooooooooo. I feel the need to be constructive, but not to get "job". Earn on some money on occason, yep. Volunteer and so ther things, but get a job? Noooooo. There was a time when I would have begged for one but now it's been so long-Im too comfortable at home.

Debby said...

I had a good paying job and left it for more time with family. I get up each morning with more energy and joy than working for $$ ever gave me!!!!