Sunday, January 22, 2012

Four generations

We will descend upon my mother's new place in five weeks.
No longer in a house large enough for us to sleep on floors and couches
We will, for the first time, stay in a hotel.

Fortunately the hotel is across the street from mom's.
We plan on getting her on the scooter and having her drive to our place.
I am envisioning the boys- 61, 26, 25 and 4- trying to outdo each other on the scooter
While mom and the girls -81,54, 28 and 23 - laugh.

Mountains vs hill,
Parts of the country to settle,
Buying houses
and Dora the Explorer
Will all be explored.
Having mom in the mix will be delightful and intriguing.
Discussion and debate has always been the hallmark of my family.
The great grandchild will learn from the pro
(even though he can talk a blue streak already).

Spending time with my mom is time well spent.
Getting my children in one place is a miracle.
Spending time with all four generations is...a priceless memory.


Kimberly said...

Sounds wonderful! Celebrate every second of togetherness.

Linda Myers said...

Here's to the miracle! Have a great stay.

Renee said...

have a good time