Thursday, January 05, 2012

On finding a doctor

It seems my health care may be in jeopardy with the new look at spouse care through the military. We moved to Kansas for three reasons: we love the climate, we could both get jobs AND I could be seen at the military hospital. My husband has all of his xpcare through the VA.

For seven years before moving here my health care was hodge podge.
We lived in Flagstaff, Az. and very few doctors would take our military insurance.
Even fewer took Medicare and that was before the reforms in payments.

Here we are. Settled.
I am beginning to look "off post" for a primary care doctor now. I don't want to be on the bottom of the list when/ if military health care is revised.

I've started to ask who others go to. Generally our doctors work out of two hospitals.
Unfortunately, it seems that the doctors referred to me are mostly connected to the hospital that has a terrible morbidity rate. That could be attributed to the average age of the people in this area. Loads of people in rural Kansas are very old. Still, I think I will drive to a doctor who has a better record and a worse bedside manner.

What do I expect next?

Getting an appointment. I found that if you call about 10 am on a Tuesday or Wednesday one might find a receptive staff member willing to take your name. I am amazed how difficult it is to get an appointment!

Then the wait begins. The wait for the appointment. The wait for the doctor. I don't really expect to actually converse with a doctor, but a nurse practioner.

Then labs

Then the return visit in a few weeks.

Aggggg! I hate to change doctors!

The hunt is on!


Renee said...

Our military clinic (no ER or hospital) will no longer let retirees register there for their PCM... they gave dh an exception since he had been registered the last 3 yrs as active duty. I'm okay with my doc and the kids but not ecstatic like I was in other assignments... but it will have to do unless I"m willing to pay more out of pocket; thankfully for now we're all relatively healthy

Janette said...

One of the proposals in the new military cuts is to prevent family members (beginning with retirees) from using the military hospital system. I'm getting ready!