Saturday, January 14, 2012

Taking out old things start again

I have always said that I collected artists.
Something about their creativeness draws me in.
My grandson knows that my favorite museums are filled with art.

For thirty years we have "carried" wood working tools.
We put much of it in storage when we lived in Hong Kong, Hawaii and Saudi Arabia.
It returned to our position in our first semi retirement home.
It never really found a place to be out in the open.
Now they own the barn.
They are making their appearance known.
First there was a sword holder for our son
We have four new doors- cedar and oak.

A small box for my sewing has appeared

This week our daughter's new dining table got a tent while it was being glued together.

An artist friend of mine passed through 
and saw a kinship with my husband

This man- with a growing white beard
is an artist 
I never really knew.

What is something you are seeing for the first time
or even what you have seen
but have not admitted seeing?


Renee said...

If he runs out of things to build at home, send him to the local community or high school theater... they can always use folks with such knowledge, skills and talent

Kimberly said...

His work is beautiful! True artistry.