Thursday, January 19, 2012

Things are different for our kids.

My husband and I are from entirely different lives.
I grew up in a sales household.
He grew up in services.

In sales
you worked hard every day.
You made contacts.
You ate lunch and played tennis with those people.
When they needed (in our case) a car
they came to us.
We provided maintenance at a good price
We towed you in the middle of the night if you called us.
Really, all sales are the same, we just sell different things.
You relied on your self (with a bit from the company)
to see you through.

My family made a good living off of sales
and my grandfather and father invested well
in land, in equities and in the city
It has paid off and they are cared for in retirement.
As they passed they left various things to their children
and grandchildren.

In services
you worked hard every day.
You learned your techniques and administer them.
You make sure your boss was happy.
You had much less potential to make loads of money.
You relied on pensions and smaller savings to see you through retirement.

In my husband's case,
his father was a plumber
in some of the first nuclear plants in the US.
He worked 30 years at the same place.
When he retired- he DID get a gold(plated) watch and a pension.
He checked the boxes, lived a frugal life
and died leaving his children a small inheritance.

Fast forward to today.
Pensions for services are being protested by the general public.
They are being dismembered.
Salaries have to go up
in order for those people to put away money
for their retirement.

Sales are quickly being dried up by the internet
Sales people are accepting less money for their job
because there are many more people willing to do it for less.
They ask for the percentage compensation of the past
just to keep even.

Things are changing quickly.
What do you think the future holds for our children?
How about our grandchildren?
What will their mid to elder age look like?
All I know is
things are going to be different!

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