Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Travel? Cheap? Not so much!

How do people travel for so little?
Maybe they spent loads of money in their former life
and ended up with thousands of frequent flier miles.
Who says owning a small business is a bad thing?
Otherwise, seeing is believing!

One can spend time watching airlines play their price games.
American can actually change prices over $100 dollars in less than a day!
Southwest promises loads- but only if you live in their favorite cities.
Jet Air
New York to Paris for $210 (plus $530 in taxes).
And then there is Allegiant
They can fly you anywhere within 100 miles of a real city
unless you are headed to one of their hotels in Vegas or Orlando.
What a deal!

Now for a car.
Again a game.
Budget put out a $9.00 special.
Of course that was on alternating Saturdays.
One can still book and pay ahead.
Going to Phoenix?  $76 for the car and $56 for the taxes.
Will they ever stop?

Carry on or check it?
Are you a minimalist?
Can you get away with one extra shirt and pants?
Do you REALLY need to change your undies every day?
Maybe you can slip on one of those 100 pocket vests
and just weigh 300 lbs when you get on the plane.
What is a mere $30 a bag each way, anyway?

Taking a chance on a Hotwire hotel?
How many stars?
Do the stars mean the same thing in Vegas as they do in London?
How about Timbuktu?
If I bid  will there really be a bed for $29.99?

And that new passport.
$165. per person!

Who said that travel was cheap?
They are either sleeping on someone's couch
or they are hiding the fees
from themselves
to feel better!

My sarcasm drips.
We will travel in 8 weeks.
It has been a long time in coming.
It will be one that needs to last in our hearts.
For our pocket book cannot afford
to be taken  traveling very often anymore.


Kimberly said...

It drives me nuts, too! We were looking forward to my neice and friend visiting in March, but when they booked their tickets - Student deals - at 500 round trip, they woke up the next morning to an email saying the price had changed to 1100 each! And don't get me started about the huge additional cost if you are flying from overseas to the US and back instead of originating in the US - for the exact same flights (but in reverse, obviously) you can pay up to twice as much! Ridiculous!

Renee said...

It's why we don't travel as much now that we are back in the States. Friends are all going to Disney but with 7 at 'adult' prices it's quite expensive.... so for now we wait. WE are going to DC in March - we'll drive in one day and most attractions are free.. that leaves us with gas, food and hotels (which translates into 2 rooms for our family)

Barb said...

well, not to be contrary, lol but.......I do travel cheap (in general, although cheap is relative), however I do.not.fly. I suppose when my kid moves back to the cayman islands or if I go back to germany I will fly. but for travel in the us-nope. I suppose tere may be an occasion in terms of us travel when I will again climb into a plane. But my driving tour along the gulf coast will be reasonable, if not cheap (I like seafood too much)

Janette said...

Hate to tell you Barb. My last trip KS to Phoenix cost me close to $400. in gas and $300 in hotels/groceries. The taxes in local areas are going ballistic! My trip was over $150 more than last year!!!
I saw one lady who camped along the way. Since I travel alone (like you) I tend to stay in Hampton Inns. Even with a discount they averaged $113 a night! ($75 last year)

Hope you can find a cheaper way.

Renee- I love DC. Have you tried the hotels on post- Fort Meyer, Fort Meade, Naval station Anacostia, Andrews AFB? The other place I stay is Holiday Inn Alexandria/ Eisenhower street. Not the best hotel- comfortable with a pool---but ---right next to the metro!!!