Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Going down to part---part time next year

The decision is made
This year my position was two days a week for four hours at one school.
There was daily volunteer time with a student who struggled in reading.
And there was always substituting.

Next year the two day a week schedule will stop.
It cut into my spontaneity of travel
it left them in a lurch and me feeling guilty.
Back to only subbing.
Travel will be over longer periods of time
but less moving around.

My first trip begins before the school year ends.
Sitting with a friend while she heals
and having her teach me how to quilt.
It has been a long time and picking up the quilting has not been going as smoothly as predicted.

Do any of you live away from your grandchildren?
Am I the only one who pines for time with the grandchild?
We will see him (and his parents) in May, August, September, December and April.  It just isn't enough!


Debby said...

We as soooo blessed to live close to our Grands it would be heart breaking to not see them often. Good luck with your quilting can't wait to see what you come up with (it is addicting you know)

Kimberly said...

No granchildren yet, but it has been on my mind. I'm sure I will be more unhappy with only having our annual trip home then. We've always intended to retire to Williamsburg, but the thoughts of grandchildren makes me think we'd be better off going where the kids are. For now they are only an hour apart.

Janette said...

I think I would be in heaven being SS close as you are Debby's. I love your blog and the grands.

Williamsburg is beautiful. Hmmm....another city to think about. It might be too crowded. For hubby. I can see your family there!