Sunday, May 20, 2012

House shopping from afar

We haven't gone house shopping for seven years.  My daughter and her husband are in the market. Finally settled enough with a job that a house is the next step in stability.
It is a bit nerve racking.
I ask all those questions that they don't really think about.
Then again, I am the one paying property taxes and not getting a write off....
Questions. some of my questions are normal- others are...well something a retiree thinks about.
Are the taxes in the area likely to go up suddenly?
What is the chance that crime will quickly move into the neighborhood?
Does it seem that the neighbors are out in the yards, caring for the gardens?
What are the schools like? Not just the elementary schools, but the middle and high schools?
Do you think the local economy will stabilize if something happens to the administration and the country goes full tilt austerity? How about full tilt spend until we drop? (They are in Maryland and it seems the latter is more likely than the former for them.)
Can you fit al of your stuff in a house without a garage?
How can you live without a garage ---lol?
Lead paint? Copper pipes? Good wiring?
I love my kids to pieces. I just wish there were some real jobs in my area so they could just---come home!


Galen Pearl said...

I need a garage! As for austerity v. spending, I don't know. In my personal finances, austerity is the way to go. But at a national level, what happens to needed services. I have two disabled adult children. What would happen to them? So hard to know.

Janette said...

I think there is definitely a way to let some of the "bath water" out without throwing out the babies. There are many programs that are federal that would be better served in the local economy.
We could cut many government contractors and eliminate a war. We could pull out of Korea. We could rid ourselves of the Dept of Education (third only to defense and hhs)and put that money back to state level. We could eliminate most professional sports and become amateurs at universities again. Revenue for stadiums could go into schools and scholarships could go into educating those who are ready to be educated. There are so many things besides cutting out the poor, needy and older people (who have paid into the system).