Sunday, May 06, 2012

When you checking amount meets your credit card amount

Last week was a wake up call- again.
Since we retired we have chosen not to save anything extra from our income of pension and part time work. That has worked well.
Until last week.

Until recently that has not been an issue.
We used the internet to purchase things, mostly from our allowance.
Our housing/clothing/ repair envelopes are rarely touched until we go to town.
Target runs (rare as they are since Target is 20 miles away)
or runs to the feed store, are always wonderful get aways where that money is spent.

Recently though, we have been almost entirely buying things on the Internet.
Nothing big. A book here, a toy there, printer ink. All purchases within reason and for a reason.
I have a habit of checking our Mastercard almost daily
until this last few weeks of substituting
and then it hit me! OW! Our bill was larger than our checking account!

I checked the purchases and then checked the envelopes.
Nothing had been moved over.
After switching around a few things, every charge was covered.

The internet is so enticing.
This exercise told me how quickly we could actually get into debt.
And we don't even need to go to town to do it!


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