Sunday, June 17, 2012

Eleven days

From Father's Day until the 27th- celebrations are hopping around here.
My dad with his Mother

The boys
Of course my husband is delighted that the kids remembered Father's Day. Between clamps for wood and movies- he is well entertained. He will stop during the day to call our son in law and wish him a good day as well. A younger, well loved dad, he brings excitement to our lives.

My mother always teases that June 21st babies always get their way. Why shouldn't they- they had plenty of daylight to make their arrival.  Hubby does not like to celebrate birthdays. This one is different because he qualifies for Social Security (which he has decided to put off for a bit longer).
My father would have been 85.
Does a girl ever get over the loss of her dad?

Last, but not least, we are hitting the big thirty on the 27th. I can hardly believe it! My mother and I chatted about long marriages yesterday. We have both been sad to see several family and friends break up around year twenty. She and I agree that something really changes around year twenty five. A different type of love emerges. It is a good thing.

The Lord has blessed us in so many ways. We are so fortunate to be living in His light. The end of June always gives me pause to remember how very loved we are.

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Kimberly said...

Happy Father's Day, birthday, and anniversary to you and yours!