Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lights are off

It is hotter here today than it is in my childhood town.
What is that about?
Fortunately, I learned many things when I was growing up.

1) Leave lights off. If you want them on- only use lamps near you.
2) Put your crock pot in the room of the house you rarely use.
    Do not use your oven during a heat wave.
3) Get a good oscillating fan and put it next to the air vent. Circulation is key!
4) Go into every room not being used and cover the vents with cardboard.
    This will force the air to cool other rooms first.
5) Close curtains on the side of the house that is getting the sun.
    Open them as the sun passes.
6) Walk at sunrise or dark.
7) Take a good nap in mid day if at all possible.
8) Eat lunch, not dinner, as your main meal.
9) Nice fruit ice pops & cool veggies  are a wonderful dinner meal.
10) Solar ovens are amazing. We used to use the sidewalk---but the oven is better.
11) Water your plants before the sun is up in the sky or after it is down.
       Be careful- if you squirt them mid day- they might get a sunburn!
12) Put out a bowl of water for the squirrels and birds.
13) SUNSCREEN!  (But do go out for 20 min every day and get your vit D)

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~Carla~ said...

Wonderful post! I agree with each & every post!! Water guns are fun too! ;) lol!