Sunday, June 03, 2012

Whew- what a week!

 "Nana- I don't WANT to get a picture here! I want to build the airplane on the computer over there!"
 Helicopter built after Air and Space. I was not allowed to touch because I do it all wrong!
Back porch at the possible new house for my kids.

View from the end of the block (one house down)

It was a week to remember. S and I went house hunting with our son a bit more than a year ago. He, basically, looked at the same house over and over.
My daughter and her husband looked at about 400 houses over the internet.
Narrowed the search to about twenty.
Saw ten.
And put a bid on this one.
A bedroom community that feels like small town USA.
T- ball fields, community beach and just air to breathe.
My fingers are crossed!
I am glad to be home.
Beginning to look at my own house in a different way.
Time to paint and settle in.
It has only taken seven years to feel like we will keep this one for a while!
Having the kids almost settled makes all of the difference to me.


Renee said...

Looks like a great house; esp love the trees

Janette said...

The trees are amazing:)