Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My bag is pack, I am ready to go

I'm standing here, out side the door.
I hate to wake you up to say good bye.....

That song goes through my head every time I am leaving.
Yes, my bag is packed.

Leaving to help our daughter and son in law settle into their house.
We are thinking of a dehumidifier for a house warming gift.
It will keep the house warm!

The previous owners lived in the house for over 30 years.
They raised their children into adulthood and empty nested in the delightful neighborhood.
Looking at the pictures, the feeling of a peaceful life comes over me.
The epitome  of a satisfying retirement- the couple lived their into their 80's.
This will be a good house.
Their family left a bottle of wine and two glasses in the fridge.
It is a tribute to the type of people who lived there in the past.

By the end of tomorrow
The new baby pool will be blown up,
the futon will be on the floor for
Nana and grandson naps
and a new adventure for the house will begin.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

What to do?

12inx6 inches
When I get back from my daughter's
I want to frame this piece.
It is a satchel from the early 1900's.
My grandmother got it on a trip West
when she was a young girl.
Pretty interesting that we ended up pretty close
to where she probably bought it 100 years ago.
Does anyone know anything about these bags?
Any ideas on how to frame it??


They started disappearing three nights ago.
First there were about twenty missing.
Last night- completely gone.

Darn! I had worked so hard for them.
Daily work. They were the center of my morning!
And then
in the middle of the day
It went flying by

A squirrel with my last apple from the tree!
Why didn't anyone tell me that squirrels love apples?

This isn't my squirrel---but is probably the cousin.
Maybe it was the training of those Missouri squirrels that got mine to go after those darling apples.....
I guess I will have to talk to a relative about that one!

Turkeys and life

We are hosts to a flock or two of turkeys.
Some years we see well over fifty on a daily basis.
This year we have had four.
The oldest and the youngest Toms
The boys come three times a day.
I started putting out water in a dog bowl about two weeks ago.
Three weeks of intense heat even does the turkeys in.

They have made themselves at home
There is a spot in our yard that has been scratched out
They dust their feathers there daily.

Under our oaks they plump out their wings and tail feathers
direct their heads into our breeze
and just cool off.

The other parts of the day are for walking- sometimes I see them 1/4 mile away from our place. They forage and peck. Different neighbors put out food. Sometimes they act like cats, favoring one house over the other. Our night camera indicates that they often hang out in our field at night.

Two days ago I put out corn.
Without the moisture, most grasshoppers are gone.
Hens and two ages of poults.
To my surprise we had a few other visitors.
We normally see the chicks when they are much younger
for flight training
I think it has been too hot
so they have stayed by our dry creek. The shade probably keeps the temperature reasonable.

Turkeys are tough birds.
They teach me that there is time to cool, dust and hang out.
Then there is time to search for goodies to excite the day.
I have been a wimp in this stage of life
time to become a turkey!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

How hot is it?

I grew up in Phoenix. Putting an egg on the sidewalk was a summer norm. My first year teaching the car windows implode because I forgot to crack them to let the heat out. Driving my convertible home from the University gave me a heat stroke.

Two summers in Saudi Arabia? The thermometer pegged at 140 at the pool. We watched sand storms come in and take over everything.

Two years in Hong Kong hot made me think that my air was being sucked from my lungs by a wet vaccum cleaner. It was hot, but the daily rain kept everything alive.

Still, this is different. Kansas is not supposed to be THIS hot.
My large oak trees are shedding every available leaf they have- making them look rather strange for mid summer. The sticker bushes are beginning to die. And the corn in the field? I have to say, if you are hungry for Kansas corn, beef or soy you are in trouble if my neighbor's farms are any indication.

Climate change? Dust bowl? Who knows?

All I can say is, "It is hot!"

~With love from my fifth over 105 degree Kansas yard!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How to do summer inexpensively

Summer- especially mid summer- is the "skinny" time of year for me.
During the school year, substitute teaching provides a few hundred extra dollars a month. Those are my "play" dollars. I learned two years ago to put some effort into subbing in May so I have enough to carry me through the summer. Here it is mid July and I am back to "skinny" money.

Fortunately, the plane ticket to see the grandchild was purchased right after my last paycheck.I leave for the land of free play in two weeks. Until then, the hunt for free things is here.

  • Library has summer reading clubs. I can get a free ice cream for reading so many books (which I do anyway).
  • The fourth of July presented many outdoor concerts that I could enjoy.
  • Local historical society will be showing some movies in their place downtown.
  • I could actually sew a few things from all of the fabric I have collected.
  • The screens all need to be cleaned in the house.
  • Walking by the lake provides many views of animals.
  • My dogs always like to just hang out with me outside.
  • If it gets hot- there is always Netflix.
In Grandchildville

  • Train into DC is not that expensive and the activities there are endless.  We plan on enjoying the transportation section of the American History Museum. He also knows that every trip to DC includes a visit to a different section of the National Art Gallery.
  • We get ice cream in the Air and Space Museum.
  • This time I plan on a trip to Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials...if it isn't tooo hot.
  • We may take a trip on the canal boats in Georgetown.
  • The parks are amazing there.
  • We are setting up the inflatable pool. My feet and his body will be fully submerged!
  • His library also has a summer reading program.
  • No plans for internet or Netflix this time...I am looking forward to a media break!
What do you do when funds are "skinny"?

Friday, July 06, 2012

Reading list

Summer reading started in May.

Here are some that I have moved through.

Dreams from my Father
The Real Romney

Both good background books.
I like to get an idea of what formed people.
Romney's was toooooo much info - but interesting.

Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover Never read his stuff.
I think I still like Ron Blue's book better.
Master Your Money
The New Good life
By Robbins
Nothing new - he should have stuck to nutrition books.

The Debt Bomb Sen Corbirn MD
Now, that will scare the pagibas out of you

Four Vince Flynn Novels. Second Reads

The Phillipa Gregory books on Tudor England.
Third time through. I call them my comfort books.

Elizabeth 1 Mysteries by Harper.
I throw these between the biographies.
Short, mindless.

Loads of little boy books
Trying to remember my favorites as I begin a collection for my Grandson.

Several books on sewing...but I cannot get the books to turn on the machines!

I am thinking of the Quilt series books.

I even have out some of my old meditation books.
Those might be next for morning....

What have been your favorite summer reads?
Have any reccomended for beginning boy boys ( not picture books)?

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Cleaning the barn

Those who have read my blog know that for years I have thought about clearing the barn.
When we moved here we put everything in the barn and then agreed that we would only bring into the house what we would use. Slowly, the barn has creeped into the house---very slowly.

My father's parents were collectors of art and all things fine.
My mother's parents were pioneers in Arizona.
And I am a student of history who married a soldier.
Our stuff reflects all of that and more.

So here is a glimpse into the world of what I need to let go of- or use.
South Africa meets Hopi near Europe

Tea pots- Chinese, Nubian and European- don't forget Hopi

Made these while being held in Saudi. There are many more.

He came to live with me before I was married in Bavaria.

Nana traveled from Kentucky to Arizona in early 1900's

Wild West meets NewEngland lamp near the camp equipment.

Small part of the collection of license plates from the states we lived in.

Saudi Weaver meets Snow White

Fran's Pit helment meets Grand daddy's WW1 hat.

Now, where do I start? I feel like I am drowning!

I've already gone through this stuff.....
Largest yard sale in Kansas is going to be in August or September.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

The Fourth of July

My grandfather's WW1 poster

My son

And daughter as diplomatic pouches

Flag that was flown on the day of my husband's retirement now waving in Kansas skies
This day is one of reflection for me. We have done some crazy things on the fourth- from camping in the desert to bus riding in Hong Kong. We have invited friends over and just enjoyed the evening for itself.  
It always brings me back to how scary it must have been. To break from the source of your food and luxury could not have been easy. Do you think we could have done it with the attitude of today? Believe me, the founding fathers did NOT get along all that well. They had directly opposite ideas on many things. From Quakers who opposed bloodshed to backwoods Virginians who had hacked it out in the French and Indian war. 
I am thankful that they had the courage to work together and figure it out.
Happy Birthday USA!