Thursday, July 05, 2012

Cleaning the barn

Those who have read my blog know that for years I have thought about clearing the barn.
When we moved here we put everything in the barn and then agreed that we would only bring into the house what we would use. Slowly, the barn has creeped into the house---very slowly.

My father's parents were collectors of art and all things fine.
My mother's parents were pioneers in Arizona.
And I am a student of history who married a soldier.
Our stuff reflects all of that and more.

So here is a glimpse into the world of what I need to let go of- or use.
South Africa meets Hopi near Europe

Tea pots- Chinese, Nubian and European- don't forget Hopi

Made these while being held in Saudi. There are many more.

He came to live with me before I was married in Bavaria.

Nana traveled from Kentucky to Arizona in early 1900's

Wild West meets NewEngland lamp near the camp equipment.

Small part of the collection of license plates from the states we lived in.

Saudi Weaver meets Snow White

Fran's Pit helment meets Grand daddy's WW1 hat.

Now, where do I start? I feel like I am drowning!

I've already gone through this stuff.....
Largest yard sale in Kansas is going to be in August or September.


Renee said...

do you have a hoosier cabinet hidden amongst your treasures?

Bonnie said...

It's hard to part with things. Having gone to many estate sales, I have come to realize that no one else knows what so many of my things mean to me and would just toss them when I am gone. So, I've started giving things away with their "story" to family members. And I have a weekly reminder asking myself "What did I purge this week?"

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Janette said...

No Hoosiers...
We never collected much furniture since it just got destroyed in the moves.

I'm with you Bonnie, the need to purge is pretty strong right now. If we move in three or four years, this will all have to be gone. I guess I am going to learn about EBay!

Barb said...

oh good grief...........gonna have to hit our yard sale!!

Janette said...

Barb, I have thought of you a lot. Lots of older books to sell. Maybe I should ship them to you!