Wednesday, July 04, 2012

The Fourth of July

My grandfather's WW1 poster

My son

And daughter as diplomatic pouches

Flag that was flown on the day of my husband's retirement now waving in Kansas skies
This day is one of reflection for me. We have done some crazy things on the fourth- from camping in the desert to bus riding in Hong Kong. We have invited friends over and just enjoyed the evening for itself.  
It always brings me back to how scary it must have been. To break from the source of your food and luxury could not have been easy. Do you think we could have done it with the attitude of today? Believe me, the founding fathers did NOT get along all that well. They had directly opposite ideas on many things. From Quakers who opposed bloodshed to backwoods Virginians who had hacked it out in the French and Indian war. 
I am thankful that they had the courage to work together and figure it out.
Happy Birthday USA!


Sonia Marsh/Gutsy Living said...

What truth in your statement. I would love to hear about your bus ride in Hong Kong on July 4th. Would you be interested in submitting your own, "My Gutsy Story"? Thanks for coming over and hope to hear from you. Sonia.

Linda Myers said...

Amid the sounds of 4th-of-July war in my suburban neighborhood last night, I wondered if the dads setting everything off with their little ones were telling them about how all this got started, lo these many years ago.