Sunday, July 15, 2012

How hot is it?

I grew up in Phoenix. Putting an egg on the sidewalk was a summer norm. My first year teaching the car windows implode because I forgot to crack them to let the heat out. Driving my convertible home from the University gave me a heat stroke.

Two summers in Saudi Arabia? The thermometer pegged at 140 at the pool. We watched sand storms come in and take over everything.

Two years in Hong Kong hot made me think that my air was being sucked from my lungs by a wet vaccum cleaner. It was hot, but the daily rain kept everything alive.

Still, this is different. Kansas is not supposed to be THIS hot.
My large oak trees are shedding every available leaf they have- making them look rather strange for mid summer. The sticker bushes are beginning to die. And the corn in the field? I have to say, if you are hungry for Kansas corn, beef or soy you are in trouble if my neighbor's farms are any indication.

Climate change? Dust bowl? Who knows?

All I can say is, "It is hot!"

~With love from my fifth over 105 degree Kansas yard!


Debby said...

We finally have had some rain in the past week to help cool things down. I am afraid what food prices will be after this summers weather out west. Hope you get some good rain soon

Renee said...

We had over a week of high 90s/100s in northern AL... it was miserable. then we had a week of rain rain and more rain. Thankfully most times it was not a deluge so there wasn't flooding.
Now we are supposed to be HOT again this week. Oh well, it is summer in the south

Barb said...

We've actually gone out of triple digits here for the past few days, although it is still HOT.

Barbara said...

It is so hot on the east coast I can't believe it. In normal summers the Atlantic ocean along the New Jersey coast might get into the mid 70's by Aug. It's pushing 80 already and we're only half way through July! Seems instead of the occasional brief 3 day heat wave in the high 90's we're having the occasional brief periods of 'normal' temps in the 80's.
Stay cool!

Barbara said...

There is nothing normal here on the East coast either. The Atlantic ocean along the NJ coast normally reaches the mid 70's in August and it's already pushing 80 now in mid July. CRAZY!
Stay cool!

JoyAnne said...

It's hot in TN also. I've enjoyed reading your blog and am a follower now.