Friday, July 06, 2012

Reading list

Summer reading started in May.

Here are some that I have moved through.

Dreams from my Father
The Real Romney

Both good background books.
I like to get an idea of what formed people.
Romney's was toooooo much info - but interesting.

Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover Never read his stuff.
I think I still like Ron Blue's book better.
Master Your Money
The New Good life
By Robbins
Nothing new - he should have stuck to nutrition books.

The Debt Bomb Sen Corbirn MD
Now, that will scare the pagibas out of you

Four Vince Flynn Novels. Second Reads

The Phillipa Gregory books on Tudor England.
Third time through. I call them my comfort books.

Elizabeth 1 Mysteries by Harper.
I throw these between the biographies.
Short, mindless.

Loads of little boy books
Trying to remember my favorites as I begin a collection for my Grandson.

Several books on sewing...but I cannot get the books to turn on the machines!

I am thinking of the Quilt series books.

I even have out some of my old meditation books.
Those might be next for morning....

What have been your favorite summer reads?
Have any reccomended for beginning boy boys ( not picture books)?


Bonnie said...

I blog all my reads I used to keep my list on 3x5 cards and do a yearly summary but there wasn't room for making my notes.

Debby said...

I started a quilt series books over our vacation, nice mindless reading, perfect for bedtime.

Renee said...

I have lots of book reviews on my blog... just go to the right column and click on book reviews to not get lost in the other 'stuff'

~Carla~ said...

I just read "Waiting for Sunrise" & absolutely LOVED it!! :)

Barbara Torris said... are a reader extraordinaire. Really, what did you think of "The Real Romney"? I am not sure we know who he really is at all. Maybe he doesn't even know!

Be well.


Janette said...

I think you should read the book! There are chapters that can be skipped (it is a HUGE book), but it gave me a real insight as to why his stands are the way they are. He was in a car crash that killed almost everyone else in the car in his young 20's. He also lost a close family member to a botched illegal abortion. Then the chapter on being a bishop of his church. WEll, all in all it was an interesting look at the man and how each of us changes and evolves over time. I know I sure have.

The two Obama books gives insight as to why he is so desperate to help those like his family when he was young. It also shows a conflicted boy growing up on Hawaii (one of the few places in the US where growing up bi racial was OK).His settling into being a part of Michelle's family and how influential her parents were on him. Another man who evolved and changed over time. Both a bit easier to read than Romney"s (but Romney's was written by reporters and Obama co wrote his).

Janette said...

Carla- I'll check out "waiting for Sunrise " this week. I need something a little less depressing after "The Debt Bomb".