Sunday, July 22, 2012

Turkeys and life

We are hosts to a flock or two of turkeys.
Some years we see well over fifty on a daily basis.
This year we have had four.
The oldest and the youngest Toms
The boys come three times a day.
I started putting out water in a dog bowl about two weeks ago.
Three weeks of intense heat even does the turkeys in.

They have made themselves at home
There is a spot in our yard that has been scratched out
They dust their feathers there daily.

Under our oaks they plump out their wings and tail feathers
direct their heads into our breeze
and just cool off.

The other parts of the day are for walking- sometimes I see them 1/4 mile away from our place. They forage and peck. Different neighbors put out food. Sometimes they act like cats, favoring one house over the other. Our night camera indicates that they often hang out in our field at night.

Two days ago I put out corn.
Without the moisture, most grasshoppers are gone.
Hens and two ages of poults.
To my surprise we had a few other visitors.
We normally see the chicks when they are much younger
for flight training
I think it has been too hot
so they have stayed by our dry creek. The shade probably keeps the temperature reasonable.

Turkeys are tough birds.
They teach me that there is time to cool, dust and hang out.
Then there is time to search for goodies to excite the day.
I have been a wimp in this stage of life
time to become a turkey!

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