Saturday, August 25, 2012

It is raining outside and I am swamped!

Two weeks ago a challenge was laid at my feet. The school was desperately seeking a Home Ec teacher and none was to be found. Sooooo....I took the challenge.  Now, a week into school, I see how very swamped I am- swimming to save my life.
I am confident in the curriculum.  Teaching is a natural gift of mine.The swimming part comes in control.  You see, my students have access to six stoves and many tools of the kitchen. Everything has its place. Those of you who actually know me- I am not an everything has its place sort of gal. My household is "everything has an area to live in, choose a spot".
At least it is finally raining!  We have had three inches in the past 28 hours. Our lawn is smiling and we have not seen the turkeys for several days.
Best of all is that my entire family was home for a few days this week.

OK life is good!

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Freedom to stand for what you believe

The Chick Fil A thing was crazy. Not a major fan of Mike Huckabee---I totally agreed with his Chick Fil A day. It had nothing to do with gay or not gay loving. It had EVERYTHING to do with the freedom of this owner to express his beliefs. Our country has lost sight of the idea that there are differing opinions on things. People are ALLOWED to come to their own conclusions.

His opinion was on gay marriage and is widely held. There is nothing discriminatory about that opinion- even a "gay" employee spoke out. Which means that there ARE gay employees at the stores. Just because his opinion might not be my opinion- does not mean he should not be allowed to express it.