Sunday, September 30, 2012

The finances ---again :>)

Every month we check our finances.

This month we pulled almost completely out of equities until after the election.
A nice profit was made---considering the .1% that our savings account is providing.
If anyone had told me 5 years ago that our nest egg would only be producing enough to buy groceries with, I would have laughed them out of the room. That is now a true experience.

We are still in bonds. We lucked into a school bond that pays enough for a cab ride.  Now we wish we had put much more in to sustain the cab ride more than a few miles. Only thing making any money is our turtle TSP government bond account.  THAT is scary.

All in all, we are still doing well.  Nest egg continues to be completely intact- not growing- not shrinking. We have lived off of husband's pension and a few side incomes for two full years.  Infusing working full time (even if it is only for four months) gives us the opportunity to take the "kids" on a trip, save a bit for future grandchildren and upgrade a bit of the house.  A bonus is that  I will clear enough income so each of us can fund our Roth. Just barely enough- but enough. YIPPPEEE!
If anyone told me that I would be celebrating such a financial move....

 The plan is to hold off SS for as long as we can. It looks like we can last at least two more years (which puts hubby at 64/65). If we can hold off to 66, all the better. I won't get SS for at least ten years. The longer we can push out his, the better (unless the political winds change).

Our son called for my birthday and asked us to go over our finances with him. :>) I am a bit too young- but one never knows. I think we will do that over Christmas. Not that it would take much work- it is all in the same set of books I have been keeping for about 15 years now.

Hubby is looking for a new wood working project for the winter. Coffee and end tables are made and beautiful. Wonder what he will think of next.

Yes, life is good.
I cannot wait to retire---AGAIN!

Today is my birthday and tomorrow starts the second six weeks of school.

I am prepared to put in my "I will not be returning after Christmas" letter.
I am missing too much!

Today the day was spent with several walks- at the lake, in the neighborhood,
a leisurely read in the back yard with an amazingly good book,
a chat with good friends and family,
several chats with my grandson,
and a romp with the dogs.
Then about a hour was spent in the classroom
getting ready for tomorrow
and the lesson is not even close to comfortable.

It sealed the deal for me.

Losing retirement just strengthened my resolve to get it back.
Painting countertops, road trips to mom's, DisneyWorld,
time with my son and daughter in law
all parts that are missed by choosing a contract.

Looking forward to January!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Five weeks in and why?

Leaving retirement for a full time job is not fun.
Actually I love the job. The students are interesting and the work is challenging.
 I just miss retirement.
I miss:

chatting with my grandson on Skype
Hanging out with my husband on the boat

listening to the birds while sitting in the chair my husband made
watching the sun rise and set
walking with the dogs
having low blood pressure
talking to my mom
talking to my daughter at a regular time of the day
getting the housework done during the week
cooking a good meal
knowing what is going on in the world
Hugs for my birthday
being 30 and thinking I CAN do it all

What I am getting in return:
Life changing conversations with students
learning how to organize cooking for 30 (that mean 30 of THEM are cooking:>)
PRAYER with a friend daily
a different appreciation of my husband

It certainly is giving me a different look at retirement. I am SO glad I did not attempt to go overseas to teach again. I cannot imagine doing this alone. No way.
I get it God. Thanks for the preview!

Saturday, September 08, 2012

And time goes on

An acquaintance from Facebook posted her husband passed this morning.
He had not been well, so he slept in a separate room
She went to awaken him- and he was gone.

I have long admired this particular woman.
Her work is sacred because she is a nurse who works with families who lose a baby while it is still in the womb. Her ministry is to help deliver the baby and, if requested, wrap the baby for the parents to hold. She takes foot prints, pictures and pieces of hair.

The grief that she deals with is off the charts when it comes to how Americans tend to handle things. She openly deals with the loss of life that has occurred.
I have not experienced that loss myself, but I have witnessed it through my close family members. I have seen, first hand, when the loss is not dealt with it rips a family apart. They point and blame other things, but I see it start at that loss.

And now she will deal with her own loss- and the loss within her family. He was in his early 50s. She is not yet 50. There is one child still at home. They just celebrated their 26th anniversary. I cannot imagine.

Sometimes I am such a narrow minded wimp.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Just one minute to sit

Life is upside down
Back to feeling responsible for 130 people besides my family.
Most times of the day I love it.
Strange to find that my prayer life has increased with so little time to spare.
Lessons on finance, cooking tips and parenting trump the traditional yeast beards and pajama bottoms.
Missing my family is my number one sigh.
Knowing this year WILL be my last one for full time.
Enjoying stretching to meet needs.
Seeing better where needs can be met in the future with my input.
Retirement or retread?