Sunday, September 30, 2012

The finances ---again :>)

Every month we check our finances.

This month we pulled almost completely out of equities until after the election.
A nice profit was made---considering the .1% that our savings account is providing.
If anyone had told me 5 years ago that our nest egg would only be producing enough to buy groceries with, I would have laughed them out of the room. That is now a true experience.

We are still in bonds. We lucked into a school bond that pays enough for a cab ride.  Now we wish we had put much more in to sustain the cab ride more than a few miles. Only thing making any money is our turtle TSP government bond account.  THAT is scary.

All in all, we are still doing well.  Nest egg continues to be completely intact- not growing- not shrinking. We have lived off of husband's pension and a few side incomes for two full years.  Infusing working full time (even if it is only for four months) gives us the opportunity to take the "kids" on a trip, save a bit for future grandchildren and upgrade a bit of the house.  A bonus is that  I will clear enough income so each of us can fund our Roth. Just barely enough- but enough. YIPPPEEE!
If anyone told me that I would be celebrating such a financial move....

 The plan is to hold off SS for as long as we can. It looks like we can last at least two more years (which puts hubby at 64/65). If we can hold off to 66, all the better. I won't get SS for at least ten years. The longer we can push out his, the better (unless the political winds change).

Our son called for my birthday and asked us to go over our finances with him. :>) I am a bit too young- but one never knows. I think we will do that over Christmas. Not that it would take much work- it is all in the same set of books I have been keeping for about 15 years now.

Hubby is looking for a new wood working project for the winter. Coffee and end tables are made and beautiful. Wonder what he will think of next.

Yes, life is good.
I cannot wait to retire---AGAIN!


Bonnie said...

Janette, check out this social security discussion on how to maximize your benefit as a couple.

I chickened out in 2008 and left the market and didn't get back in and now am waiting til after the election too

Kimberly said...

I am so impressed by your financial fortitude!! I need some lessons!

Renee said...

Scott just did some rearranging our our savings.