Saturday, October 27, 2012

A political look at children

I like this trend.
Instead of people worried about whether
to have one or two children so they can still afford their lifestyle
they worry that they will not be able to have as many children as they want
because their bodies have become so complicated
or they marry so late in life.

Mine was the generation of sideways looks
if you showed up at a store with a double stroller.
In fact, FINDING a double stroller was nearly impossible.
It was the most expensive piece of baby equipment we bought.
After the second was born
my husband freaked out and said, "no more".
And that was it.
Zero population was so drilled into his head
Two was a bit too many.

I do have several friends who went on to have
several more children.
They were questioned if they were religious nuts
who had some type of bondage issues.
"Weren't they worried they would be destitute
because they would not be able to work
for the rest of their lives at a paying job?"

Abortion became a right-
a right to make sure that white women stayed away from the baby track
so they could be the CEO one day
and retire early.
Many times alone.
A different type of bondage
as far as I can tell.
Maybe they are right-
money first, people second.

Guess what,
my friend who has nine is doing fine.
My brother in law who had five
now has 15 grands who live near
and has plenty of visitors and loved ones when he is ill.
Actually, I don't know any of the large families who
would give up one of their children.

I remember that abortion rights were once
brought to the surface as an end to poverty.
A way to control the "black" population.

A "choice" but sterilization was done to
poor women after their second child.
Yes, I have a friend this happened to
she was white, young and poor.
She now has plenty of money.

And in China- it is forced if you are ready to have a second.
(or if your first happens to be a girl).
How is THAT a women's right?

Having children has always been an issue
And  abortion has almost always
been an economic issue
and is now becoming more of a scientific one
(seeing we are now saving babies born at 20 weeks)
I can see why it is "talked" about again these days.

Rail on about the back street hanger abortions.
They were rare in comparison to the number of children
who are now killed because of the irrational fear
that "life will end" if that baby comes out in a delivery room.
Lord, you certainly cannot have one and give it up for adoption---
better to kill it now.

Sorry, doesn't make sense to me.
Why is killing off our own gender a good thing?
I just don't logically get it.

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