Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Be careful what you wish for

The last two years I have made a huge effort
to get my husband to move to the East Coast.
Our daughter and son in law have a nice place.
I'd like to be able to see our grandson weekly, if not more.
Another grandchild is expected soon,
and we are here, in Kansas.

So, when the hurricane hit their area
and one of the places that is completely cut off
and under sand
is a place I targeted for our next house....
all he had to do was look at the screen and then look at me.
"Say no more"
The sun came up yesterday as the moon was setting
and again I was in love with the beauty of our land here.

Back to the idea of renting for several years
a place close to them, that could be used six months a year
that will take our two dogs
crazy as they are.
Heck, my sis just bought a second home
renting is far less expensive then owning.

I am sorry for your pain Atlantic Coast dwellers.
I am praying for your recovery.


Retired English Teacher said...

Wise thinking!

Karen said...

That picture is from Cape May N.J. where I live. I drove all around the island today, and except for the sand washing up, we have no damage like you are seeing in other areas. We were very fortunate. not let a once in a life time storm, change your mind about living in such a wonderful area!!! Each area of the US has its own unique problems. At least you know in advance to prepare for hurricanes and the such. You would love it here!

~Carla~ said...

I think it's nice to be close to family... I'm very family oriented, so woud miss them dearly if they were far. :(

The Loerzels said...

Renting is so much easier!