Monday, November 26, 2012

Who is your Father? Who is your Dad?

An intense conversation was held
around a small table in my room.
Boys and girls, the same age, different backgrounds and ethnicities
The question came to me,
"Mrs B. Who is your father and who is your dad?
My eyes went to squint.
"Excuse me, the question does not make sense to me."
A roll of the eyes
"Who is your father and who is your dad?"
"They are the same person."
A sigh and a smack of the lips,
"A father is like...the sperm donor
The dad is the person who raise you."
Again- "They are the same person."
" Sure, I am the middle of five children.
My parents were married for over 50 years to each other.
They never had children besides the five of us.
My father is my biological father and he is the dad- a wonderful man."

Wow- some nodding-- but a bit of disbelief in the air.

They went around the table.
Three agreed that they had both fathers and dads- but the men were different people.
One said she had a dad but no mom- her father had remarried several times but each of these women were called by their name---and never mom. She had never met her mother.
One said he had several men who wanted to be his dad---but they were just passing through.
His mother had just had a baby
the man was long gone.
"Could I be the baby's dad?"
"In some ways that is traditional---when a father passed away the oldest son would step in to take his place.  He is not really the dad---but is the role model for the younger children."
"I don't want my brother to grow up without a dad."

The morning after the night before

Ever get caught in one of those rushes?
The ones that you can only stand and watch and not control?
Thursday night was a Kindle rush.
We all knew what was going to happen.
An off duty sheriff stood his ground in front of the opening to the back halls.
Out came the Kindles and
the rush began.
Taking what I was there for I stood back
to see the crowd slowly falling at me.
Behind the cart I stood- protected by the tall jail filled with Nooks.
And then
the crowd began to fall to the side and
the fishing began
first one
then another
people pulled out from the sea
Popped out from the suction
"we survived"
The morning after
it seemed unreal to even think about it
Whew! That was close.
Me thinks there will be at least three of us
who will never venture into a crowd like that again!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


My family is expanding by leaps and bounds. Both children are are awaiting children of their own. It is an exciting and nerve racking time. My nightly prayers center on their safety and joy.

Last weekend we attended the reception for my niece. Just seven short months ago we sat at a table with her. She was lamenting that she had not yet found the "right one". We told her she was a true Bowen...wait for years, meet the person and marry quickly for life. There she was a few months later being sealed .

We were lucky to have time with our nephews. They, with their wives, brought along two lovely babies. The boys were too precious. Giggles and burps, it was an excellent time.

Last we await the arrival of our two newest grand niece and nephew. One baby will arrive to first time parents. The other will be a fourth delivery. Both babies are greatly anticipated.

Some people drone on and on about the end of the world. They whine endlessly about what they think others should feel about politics. I am in such a good place of love. It is hard to relate.

It is the best of times.

Friday, November 16, 2012

As low as the lows get- the highs can be higher!

My niece is getting married on Saturday.
My daughter is joining us in Vegas.
We are looking forward to "talking" to our new grandchild.
OK- sometimes it looks weird to talk to a belly-
but the baby's brother does it all the time!
My two friends with cancer are doing a bit better.
Another niece had an wonderful ultrasound and
their baby is due in January.
My hubby and I will watch two of our youngest grand nephews,
 5 weeks and 3 months old,
while my niece gets married.
It is a LDS thing and we are not allowed in ;)
My mother is sounding better and busy.
I had an excellent discussion with my students about morality.

Yes, life is good this week.
Do you have loads to be thankful for as well?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A week to remember

Veteran's Day is the 11 th. it reminds me of my grandfather who served in WWI. He spoke to me about working the big guns. He was scared. I found a series of letters one of his uncles wrote to European friends to introduce my grandfather to them in case he were to become a POW. My great grandmother was a founder of the original Blue Star Mothers.

November 13th is the anniversary of my husband's building being bombed in Riyadh. Those memories are few, because we all were in shock for so long. I do remember having my school building rock from the blow five miles away. I also remember the chaos as our small post tried to cope as the Ambassidor and the consulate pulled in the doors. We were "required" to stay in country until March when my husband retired from the military. We left. My husband has fewer memories then me. That is scary!

November 14 th is the anniversary of my father's passing. I was not there. I could not stand that he was put on a feeding tube that made so much noise. All he wanted was a peaceful passing. It was painful to be unable to do anything to relieve his stress.  The last time I saw him I told him I was sorry I could do no more. We both cried.

Yup. A tense and painful week.  I am always ready for Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Some things to watch for

Our household is retired military.
We moved to our house in Kansas for many reasons.
One reason was military retirement health coverage.
When we decided to continue in the military
One consideration was the promise that WE would be
Cared for by the military for life.
When we lived in Flagstaff we saw that system fall apart.
Like the doctors who no longer take Medicare patients,
We kept "being released" from doctor care
Because the military TriCare system did not pay enough
To pay for the current charges of local doctors.
My husband's mantra became
If we want care we need to live close to a military hospital.
When we moved we chose a house 10 miles from a fort's hospital.

This week the military newspaper let it out that
Those who live outside of the 40 mile zone
May no longer use a military hospital.
They will have to use TriCare standard.
TriCare standard pays doctors and hospitals a bit less then Medicare.

We have a large retired military population in a town near us
It is the home of Eisenhower- Abilene Ks. It is 48 miles from the hospital.
Oh we'll,
They get...almost nothing.

Some say that those who retire should have picked up a second career
To get good medical care.
I, in turn, would like them to know
The way that TriCare standard goes-
So goes Medicare.

Good luck!
Stay healthy while the system figures out how to shake off
The baby boomers!

Small business Saturday

I love small business Saturday.
My two favorite small businesses are
the Christian book store- Blessings
And Kites restaurant.
I'll be saving my pennies and going out
To several of these place.
I have to admit though,
I always buy a load of coats at Walmart for students on
Blake Friday.
Do I have to do it Thursday night now?

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Simple Days

Church in the early morning
just our voices singing praises.
A simple meal of meat, onions and potatoes
will be cooked at six.
A chat with our children
who live so far away.
A walk with the dogs
in the chilly wind of fall.
Picture taking of the trees
in their final glory before the winter freeze.
Doing the laundry.
Reading a book.

I'll have time to think of all of my veterans
My father- who served just after WWII.
My father in law- who served in the Pacific on the Anolea Gay.
My grandfather- who manned big guns during the Great War.
My husband- who served during Vietnam.
My daughter and son in law- who served using foreign tongues.
My son - who still serves.

Thank you to all of you. Because of you I can have a simple day!

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Please Lord,

Just don't let it be more of the same!

Happy day after the election!

Tuesday, November 06, 2012