Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A week to remember

Veteran's Day is the 11 th. it reminds me of my grandfather who served in WWI. He spoke to me about working the big guns. He was scared. I found a series of letters one of his uncles wrote to European friends to introduce my grandfather to them in case he were to become a POW. My great grandmother was a founder of the original Blue Star Mothers.

November 13th is the anniversary of my husband's building being bombed in Riyadh. Those memories are few, because we all were in shock for so long. I do remember having my school building rock from the blow five miles away. I also remember the chaos as our small post tried to cope as the Ambassidor and the consulate pulled in the doors. We were "required" to stay in country until March when my husband retired from the military. We left. My husband has fewer memories then me. That is scary! http://www.cnn.com/WORLD/9511/saudi_blast/11am/

November 14 th is the anniversary of my father's passing. I was not there. I could not stand that he was put on a feeding tube that made so much noise. All he wanted was a peaceful passing. It was painful to be unable to do anything to relieve his stress.  The last time I saw him I told him I was sorry I could do no more. We both cried.

Yup. A tense and painful week.  I am always ready for Thanksgiving.


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RJ- I moved your comment.

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Your comment was sort of like going to a funeral and deciding to fight with the daughter of the deceased.

Thank you for understanding that yesterday was a pretty rough one for me personally.

Now off to read and respond to your comment:>)