Friday, November 16, 2012

As low as the lows get- the highs can be higher!

My niece is getting married on Saturday.
My daughter is joining us in Vegas.
We are looking forward to "talking" to our new grandchild.
OK- sometimes it looks weird to talk to a belly-
but the baby's brother does it all the time!
My two friends with cancer are doing a bit better.
Another niece had an wonderful ultrasound and
their baby is due in January.
My hubby and I will watch two of our youngest grand nephews,
 5 weeks and 3 months old,
while my niece gets married.
It is a LDS thing and we are not allowed in ;)
My mother is sounding better and busy.
I had an excellent discussion with my students about morality.

Yes, life is good this week.
Do you have loads to be thankful for as well?


Renee said...

So yo are traveling west for a wedding that you are not permitted to attend?

Kimberly said...

Since dd is joining you in Vegas, I assume we can be grateful that her son is feeling MUCH better? Or at least well enough to stay with sil. :) We're having our first of this season's Thanksgiving dinners today-I am happy to be sharing this American tradition with some international friends.

Linda Myers said...


My husband and I walked a mile and a half today, and his knee - replaced in June - didn't hurt.

I got four beautiful potatoes from our garden for the roast in the crock pot.

I am caught up with bagging up clothes for the Goodwill.

We get to fly to Alaska for Thanksgiving with family.

The cat has recovered from whatever ailed her last week.

Small things, you know. But things!