Wednesday, November 21, 2012


My family is expanding by leaps and bounds. Both children are are awaiting children of their own. It is an exciting and nerve racking time. My nightly prayers center on their safety and joy.

Last weekend we attended the reception for my niece. Just seven short months ago we sat at a table with her. She was lamenting that she had not yet found the "right one". We told her she was a true Bowen...wait for years, meet the person and marry quickly for life. There she was a few months later being sealed .

We were lucky to have time with our nephews. They, with their wives, brought along two lovely babies. The boys were too precious. Giggles and burps, it was an excellent time.

Last we await the arrival of our two newest grand niece and nephew. One baby will arrive to first time parents. The other will be a fourth delivery. Both babies are greatly anticipated.

Some people drone on and on about the end of the world. They whine endlessly about what they think others should feel about politics. I am in such a good place of love. It is hard to relate.

It is the best of times.


RAnn said...

Oh, I must have missed the announcement that your son was expecting! How wonderful. Today we were with my family and it was fun watching my youngest play with my nephew (two years younger than her) and my brother's step-grandson (age two). So different from when my older ones were the only kids in the family.

Kimberly said...

I didn't realize that you are expecting two grandchildren!! Congrats on all the new additions - very exciting!

Janette said...

It is exciting news :) life is good.