Sunday, November 11, 2012

Simple Days

Church in the early morning
just our voices singing praises.
A simple meal of meat, onions and potatoes
will be cooked at six.
A chat with our children
who live so far away.
A walk with the dogs
in the chilly wind of fall.
Picture taking of the trees
in their final glory before the winter freeze.
Doing the laundry.
Reading a book.

I'll have time to think of all of my veterans
My father- who served just after WWII.
My father in law- who served in the Pacific on the Anolea Gay.
My grandfather- who manned big guns during the Great War.
My husband- who served during Vietnam.
My daughter and son in law- who served using foreign tongues.
My son - who still serves.

Thank you to all of you. Because of you I can have a simple day!


Linda Myers said...

Yep. Because of them. Please say thanks from me to those around you for their service.

Kimberly said...

Lots of pride in your family military service!