Monday, November 26, 2012

The morning after the night before

Ever get caught in one of those rushes?
The ones that you can only stand and watch and not control?
Thursday night was a Kindle rush.
We all knew what was going to happen.
An off duty sheriff stood his ground in front of the opening to the back halls.
Out came the Kindles and
the rush began.
Taking what I was there for I stood back
to see the crowd slowly falling at me.
Behind the cart I stood- protected by the tall jail filled with Nooks.
And then
the crowd began to fall to the side and
the fishing began
first one
then another
people pulled out from the sea
Popped out from the suction
"we survived"
The morning after
it seemed unreal to even think about it
Whew! That was close.
Me thinks there will be at least three of us
who will never venture into a crowd like that again!

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