Saturday, December 22, 2012

Did I really think I was bored? 2012 in review!

 The year started off with a bang.
We traveled to Phoenix for the first of three weddings in the year.
My nephew and his bride were lovely in a fairy tale palace.

Right after we joined the entire family, Scott's brother and sister, and my son's in laws and headed to Hawaii. It rained almost the entire time.

 We journeyed into the spring with boating, gardening and mowing. My husband was pleased.
We settled into a long HOT summer. The corn burned and we had more hot days than my Phoenix family.
Our daughter and her hubby bought a house in the late summer. We attended a wedding of our oldest and dearest Army friend's family.

 Our son and his wife got orders for Alabama and went through the stuff in the barn on their way to their new home. They didn't take much...DARN!

I found myself dithering and then was called to come back and teach. I came to know much more  about babies, deployed parents, computers and kitchens.

 130 students in my care for 45 minutes each for a semester.

 I renewed an old friendship or two and worked my ever-living tush off . After teaching everything from Pre School to 8th grade in the academic subjects, I quickly learned that teaching 29 8th graders how to cook, sew and take care of children is a job for the brave.

But it was a good year.

Two nephews and two nieces had babies this year. At the end of the year my absolute favorite niece got married (OK they are all my favorite, but this one is extra favorite).

I am now retired once again.
I get to participate in the gun lobby (not) and the end of the world chats (not really).

What I am is more content and happy then I have been in about ...well any time that I can remember.
2013 is shaping up to be excellent year. I have two grand babies on their way. My grandson enters school. My son and his wife have orders to be stationed nearby.  A niece will deliver a new baby in January. My family is settling down. I am a bit afraid that the other shoe may drop...but you know what...I am going to try my hardest to just enjoy the moments. Maybe you can enjoy the moments and share your moments with me as well?
Merry Christmas.
The Lord is GOOD!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

What is this?

The massacre
Heroic teachers trying to protect little kiddos
I cannot put myself entirely in those shoes
but it did make me ill and throw me back to 17 years ago.

What is this?
This is NOT about gun lobby.
It is NOT about "evil"

It is about mental illness
 how we suppress the need to get help for the ones who need it the most.
I will not be surprised if it is also about the
desensitization of our youth
by "playing games" about killing on our computers.
Have you watched one of those games
even once in the last five years?
Do you know how many children play those games
for hours at a time?
Then we suppress any type of aggression in our society
pretending it is not there. What is THAT about?
They do not learn to box and have to pretend all that aggression does not exist?

I live in a household where guns are a norm.
"Guns don't kill people, people kill people".
I do not  agree with that flip statement.
If guns were not available- there would be another weapon of choice.
And those who pretend we can get rid of all weapons are ignorant  of history.

I was ill when they said that the families who were not reunited
were basically told
by process of elimination
that their child was dead.

I cannot imagine the hurt.
The pain
The sorrow
I wish I could just throw up and wake up to innocence again.

Instead I will continue to say prayers for those who are left behind.
Those who left yesterday are surely in heaven.

Monday, December 10, 2012

A's for everybody

Today marked the beginning of my last two weeks in the classroom,
at least at the head of the classroom,
where I am in charge,
and the lessons planned are mine.


Lesson plans thrown to the wind late last night.
Power Point is fun and shows actual understanding of a topic
when used correctly.
Quizzes were planned for Tuesday and Friday.
Instead, today, computers were taken out
and we all got comfy.

"Have you tried out this picture editor before?"
"Did you know that there are new ways to flip and slide your screen?"
"Look at this cool phrase about babies. Do you think you could fit that in?"

Mexican food fiesta next week.
I am seeking pure joy in my last two adventures.

Yes! A's for everybody.

Friday, December 07, 2012

Another interesting conversation.

"I won't ever have to care for one of these"
a young teen said as he dropped off his
Baby think it over doll.
"Really? Do you think you will never have children"
was my response to the statement.
if she gets pregnant,
it is her body,
it is her choice,
it is her baby.
I don't have a say,
so the baby is all hers."

The next step in the
"a woman's choice" debate.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Back to "retirement"

Not that I am counting---but 14 more days of teaching.

My desk is cleaned out.

My lesson plans are on a thumb drive for the next teacher.

My plane tickets are purchased for family visits.

I am ready.

I really don't even want to discuss the next generation that is above preschool :>)