Friday, December 07, 2012

Another interesting conversation.

"I won't ever have to care for one of these"
a young teen said as he dropped off his
Baby think it over doll.
"Really? Do you think you will never have children"
was my response to the statement.
if she gets pregnant,
it is her body,
it is her choice,
it is her baby.
I don't have a say,
so the baby is all hers."

The next step in the
"a woman's choice" debate.


RAnn said...

I read something somewhere questioning the use of these dolls. In short, they give too much of the negative of parenthood (inconsolable crying, tying you down etc) and none of the positive (love and cuddles).

Janette said...

Since I work in a place where teen pregnancy rate is high and babies are seen as an accessory---I see this as one of the most valuable projects I have ever been involved in.
I also teach about how to properly treat a child. The curriulum, if followed correctly, is EXTREMELY child oriented. Unfortunately, it is difficult to manage and takes a great deal of time to do correctly.