Saturday, December 22, 2012

Did I really think I was bored? 2012 in review!

 The year started off with a bang.
We traveled to Phoenix for the first of three weddings in the year.
My nephew and his bride were lovely in a fairy tale palace.

Right after we joined the entire family, Scott's brother and sister, and my son's in laws and headed to Hawaii. It rained almost the entire time.

 We journeyed into the spring with boating, gardening and mowing. My husband was pleased.
We settled into a long HOT summer. The corn burned and we had more hot days than my Phoenix family.
Our daughter and her hubby bought a house in the late summer. We attended a wedding of our oldest and dearest Army friend's family.

 Our son and his wife got orders for Alabama and went through the stuff in the barn on their way to their new home. They didn't take much...DARN!

I found myself dithering and then was called to come back and teach. I came to know much more  about babies, deployed parents, computers and kitchens.

 130 students in my care for 45 minutes each for a semester.

 I renewed an old friendship or two and worked my ever-living tush off . After teaching everything from Pre School to 8th grade in the academic subjects, I quickly learned that teaching 29 8th graders how to cook, sew and take care of children is a job for the brave.

But it was a good year.

Two nephews and two nieces had babies this year. At the end of the year my absolute favorite niece got married (OK they are all my favorite, but this one is extra favorite).

I am now retired once again.
I get to participate in the gun lobby (not) and the end of the world chats (not really).

What I am is more content and happy then I have been in about ...well any time that I can remember.
2013 is shaping up to be excellent year. I have two grand babies on their way. My grandson enters school. My son and his wife have orders to be stationed nearby.  A niece will deliver a new baby in January. My family is settling down. I am a bit afraid that the other shoe may drop...but you know what...I am going to try my hardest to just enjoy the moments. Maybe you can enjoy the moments and share your moments with me as well?
Merry Christmas.
The Lord is GOOD!


Linda Myers said...

In my opinion, there is no other shoe to drop. Life is just good, I'm thinking.

Barbara Torris said...

You are one busy woman. Be well and enjoy life. It is amazing isn't it!


Kimberly said...

Merry Christmas! It sounds like 2013 is going to be extra happy!

Anna said...

It sounds like you are finding a nice balance. I think that balance is something we grow into.

Elena LaVictoire said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Janette!