Saturday, December 15, 2012

What is this?

The massacre
Heroic teachers trying to protect little kiddos
I cannot put myself entirely in those shoes
but it did make me ill and throw me back to 17 years ago.

What is this?
This is NOT about gun lobby.
It is NOT about "evil"

It is about mental illness
 how we suppress the need to get help for the ones who need it the most.
I will not be surprised if it is also about the
desensitization of our youth
by "playing games" about killing on our computers.
Have you watched one of those games
even once in the last five years?
Do you know how many children play those games
for hours at a time?
Then we suppress any type of aggression in our society
pretending it is not there. What is THAT about?
They do not learn to box and have to pretend all that aggression does not exist?

I live in a household where guns are a norm.
"Guns don't kill people, people kill people".
I do not  agree with that flip statement.
If guns were not available- there would be another weapon of choice.
And those who pretend we can get rid of all weapons are ignorant  of history.

I was ill when they said that the families who were not reunited
were basically told
by process of elimination
that their child was dead.

I cannot imagine the hurt.
The pain
The sorrow
I wish I could just throw up and wake up to innocence again.

Instead I will continue to say prayers for those who are left behind.
Those who left yesterday are surely in heaven.


Linda Myers said...

They are surely in heaven. My thoughts are with those still with us.

Barb said...

Its a tragedy. Unfortunately, most of those other weapons do not allow people to kil others in such an efficient fashion. A knife a bow and arrow or a hammer would not have ended with over twenty dead. Its doubtful even a pistol would have had the same result.