Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hi Ho!

The travel season begins tomorrow.
Disney will see "the girls+ 1" beginning tomorrow.
The next week will find me helping mom clean out a storage room.
My son and daughter on law will move at the beginning of March.
Mid March  will find me helping to straighten out the new baby's closet back East.
April is for breathing and helping J&M settle on.
May is when my N will be ready for Nana time
while the baby invades his house and life. East again.
Hoping for a warm( not hot) summer full of lake and gardens.
September will be back visiting my N when he starts Kindergarten.
Life is good, but I am going to be sick of the airport for sure!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

With all change comes a time for expanding learning

Sew Liberated has endured as one of my all time favorite blog. Meg has evolved in front of her blog audience eyes from a young and idealistic teacher to a simplistic mother. Not more stuff- but more attention to small details.  I see my daughter growing in the same way. There is that tender balance between crafts, cares, climbing and cuddles. It is wonderful to witness. My only wish is that I could be close enough to enjoy it more than thirty days a year.

My bags are packed for our next journey together. The small bag is filled with my clothes- extra shoes, rain gear, light pants, Tums. The second bag- the much larger one is filled with baby gear- Boppy, infant hats, gloves, onesies, and clothes.  Of course, since the larger bag is going home with the other family it is also filled with cassette tapes (yes, my grandson now has an old tape recorder and loves Adventures in Oddessy), books, bubbles, paint and whatever else I could scrounge for him. Play is a child's work.

I almost like that my two traveling adult companion are both pregnant. That gives me, selfishly, more time to be with my grandson. Nothing like placing four strong willed people in the same 550 ft room for six days. We should survive since we will all be exhausted from walking, walking, walking. My hope is loads of talk time as we walk from place to place. Learning about each other and what our dreams look like.

At Mass today the reading was about "many parts, but all one body". It is one of my favorites.  It gave me perspective. Sitting back and thinking; there are six families here joining. We are one body with many different gifts to bring to the table of the Lord. 

A time for reflection and learning. I have a great deal of learning to do!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Another amazing speech

If you have not read it please read it for yourself.

Now, if he would simply follow his words!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Forgetting that Presidents are people
makes them into some sort of folk hero (or villain).

What pushes a person to place themselves into such a role?
Many of our Presidents have only had one parent raise them
or none.
Many were seen as brilliant scholars
even though they never have made it to college in the formal way.
Most were great humanitarians
even if they never met a common man.
Actually, most started as "common men".

Some saw their children die
of common things
or no real cause at all.

What makes them tick?
What makes them want to put
one leg and then the other into pants every morning?

They take the blame even during the times they should be applauded.
Once again I am reminded that I would never want to be
 in the situation to put another person's child in harms way.
I truly appreciate those who have to make that decision.

If you have not seen the movie Lincoln
you need to go.
It is insightful.

Monday, January 14, 2013


The land of no winter was where childhood existed for me. We used to bundle in heavy coats when the temperature hit fifty. Our hands knew no mittens and our faces thought scarves were for show.
My sophomore year in college a move to Northern Arizona changed my life forever. It was the worst winter they had seen in many years. The snow stacked six feet against the first floor of the dorm. I learned about winter boots, layers and...most of all...glistening.

The way that cold turns vapor into crystals presents a beauty beyond compare.

Today is so cold and has perfect humidity.
The turkeys came in at six am to be fed.
Their backs glistened with the frost from their roost in the nearby trees.

The front lawns glisten with a coat of slight white- or is it clear- over the browns and greens that predict their future.

And then the glisten begins to move.
Slowly flakes of glisten begin to flutter down.
Small, almost undetectable, pieces of ice
float to the ground in the bright sun
a sun so bright, but no warmth to melt.

Memories of sandstorms feel my past.
One could feel the perfect air, listen and know that one was going to come.
Now it is the same with glistening.
These are the day for happiness on the Ground Level.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Decluttering continues

Downstairs closets.

I have loads of old pillows and sheets in the closets downstairs. They are in a bag now. I kept the few pillows needed for guests.Those will move to the linen closet. I also found some terrible drapes that were left by the previous owner. Another bag.
Now some decisions have to be made.
I have about six boxes of teaching materials that I could not bare to give away. Why is that? I am thinking I will take those boxes to the Thrift store by the University. Some new teacher will get a kick out of that. In fact, maybe I should contact them over all of the stuff in my garage that I wanted to yard sale. Who is going to come out to the edge of nowhere to garage sale.
On the other hand---my son and daughter in law are moving here. Maybe I could have the garage sale at their new house? Wouldn't that be a hoot? Maybe for me--but not for her.
Back to the original idea of calling the Good Will truck.
I have a full closet downstairs of my husband's uniforms. Hummm. He has been retired for...sixteen or is it seventeen years?  Maybe I will ask my son to strip off what he needs and then give them to the museum (yes, the uniforms are not in commission anymore). I cannot sale them- the legal side of me will not let that happen since it is technically illegal.

And then there is the this and that.
Next week will be the upstairs bedroom and certain bags in the garage. UGGG!

Sunday, January 06, 2013


Carla at My Daily Half Dozen issued a declutter and finance challenge for January.

It has been a good move for me. Getting both house and financial house in order.

Here are some of the things that have happened.

Day 1- Took down and put away daughter's Christmas things. It was  a bit early, we usually do this over Epiphany, but I was headed home. Her family was so good to host us all, it needed to be clean for a good start to a new year.  We gleamed out old paper and bows when putting it all away.

Day 2- Cleaned up and packed my stuff for home. I normally get rid of extras when I get home, but chose to gleam before packing this time.

Day 3- Go through daughter's maternity clothes. Hung the most useful, pile for consignment store and then putting away "regular" clothes.  Ran to the train station to catch the plane to home!

Day 4- Went through our finances for the year. Since we purchase everything through either Master Card or a certain checking account, it was pretty easy to do. Our "envelope system" seems to have worked well. We made some major purchases this year- but it worked out well. All had been saved for and our retirement is going forward without a hitch.

Day 5- Go through the baby clothes for my daughter that were left at my house.  We have loads of storage and five years ago the choice was made to take the better baby clothes and store them here. The two of us did FaceTime  and went through all the 0-6 month clothes and "stuff". Seems she has little to purchase and an nice set of clothes for donation. We also set aside a set of things for here...knowing that there will be visitors here as well :>)
Headed to the commissary and bought $138. of groceries. Since my hubby has the flu, he has not been out to buy anything since the 30th. We needed everything. So much for a no spend day :>)

Day 6- Look at the finances from last year and tithe. Sine my husband is ill, I choose the early Mass and slipped my check into the basket that I did not touch.  Nothing worse then sharing the flu at Church :>)  I hope I don't have it---but not worth taking chances in a crowd.
Today will be a final day of packing up baby clothes for the trip to daughter.
I will be cleaning up some loose ends for a trip with her and my grandson later in the day.
A stew is in the pot for diner.

Thanks Carla for reminding me to clean up and move forward!

Friday, January 04, 2013

Home again

It was a wonderful trip
We all crowded into my daughter's house for ten days
No one exploded.
We laughed at some really great games of
Fact or Crap,

and Go Fish (my 5 year old grandson is a whiz at winning).
Christmas came with Church on Post and Santa writing

We took the train to the Big Apple and caught a glimpse of a spoon full of sugar

My husband and son and son in law caught up on the entire season of
and talked the new laws coming down.
My daughter in law and daughter were upstairs with me
talking all things baby.
Names were bantered about:>)
A quick trip to Annapolis to end the year
was quiet and sweet.
The next two days were filled with putting away,
reorganizing, and filling boxes for the basement
as the prep for the next adventure begins.

I am so thankful for my family.
I thought about my parents often over this trip.
How difficult it was to manage five of us
and give us treats like we are doing with our own.

I missed my dad when listening to a full orchestra
and my mom on the train.

Life is good and we are ready for another year
of crazy changes.