Sunday, January 13, 2013

Decluttering continues

Downstairs closets.

I have loads of old pillows and sheets in the closets downstairs. They are in a bag now. I kept the few pillows needed for guests.Those will move to the linen closet. I also found some terrible drapes that were left by the previous owner. Another bag.
Now some decisions have to be made.
I have about six boxes of teaching materials that I could not bare to give away. Why is that? I am thinking I will take those boxes to the Thrift store by the University. Some new teacher will get a kick out of that. In fact, maybe I should contact them over all of the stuff in my garage that I wanted to yard sale. Who is going to come out to the edge of nowhere to garage sale.
On the other hand---my son and daughter in law are moving here. Maybe I could have the garage sale at their new house? Wouldn't that be a hoot? Maybe for me--but not for her.
Back to the original idea of calling the Good Will truck.
I have a full closet downstairs of my husband's uniforms. Hummm. He has been retired for...sixteen or is it seventeen years?  Maybe I will ask my son to strip off what he needs and then give them to the museum (yes, the uniforms are not in commission anymore). I cannot sale them- the legal side of me will not let that happen since it is technically illegal.

And then there is the this and that.
Next week will be the upstairs bedroom and certain bags in the garage. UGGG!


Bonnie said...

I love going to estate sales to collect historical papers and to see how people live in their homes. The biggest lesson I've taken from them is that I don't want my family to have to deal with getting rid of all the junk when I'm gone. I also see that the older one gets, the harder it is to maintain all the stuff. I started taking pics and posting them with a story on the item before it goes out the door.
p.s. theatre companies often like donations of uniforms.

Renee said...

I asked dh and he's not aware of anything illegal about selling outdated military uniforms that have been stripped of insignia/rank.
In the south,it's called cheap hunting clothes