Sunday, January 06, 2013


Carla at My Daily Half Dozen issued a declutter and finance challenge for January.

It has been a good move for me. Getting both house and financial house in order.

Here are some of the things that have happened.

Day 1- Took down and put away daughter's Christmas things. It was  a bit early, we usually do this over Epiphany, but I was headed home. Her family was so good to host us all, it needed to be clean for a good start to a new year.  We gleamed out old paper and bows when putting it all away.

Day 2- Cleaned up and packed my stuff for home. I normally get rid of extras when I get home, but chose to gleam before packing this time.

Day 3- Go through daughter's maternity clothes. Hung the most useful, pile for consignment store and then putting away "regular" clothes.  Ran to the train station to catch the plane to home!

Day 4- Went through our finances for the year. Since we purchase everything through either Master Card or a certain checking account, it was pretty easy to do. Our "envelope system" seems to have worked well. We made some major purchases this year- but it worked out well. All had been saved for and our retirement is going forward without a hitch.

Day 5- Go through the baby clothes for my daughter that were left at my house.  We have loads of storage and five years ago the choice was made to take the better baby clothes and store them here. The two of us did FaceTime  and went through all the 0-6 month clothes and "stuff". Seems she has little to purchase and an nice set of clothes for donation. We also set aside a set of things for here...knowing that there will be visitors here as well :>)
Headed to the commissary and bought $138. of groceries. Since my hubby has the flu, he has not been out to buy anything since the 30th. We needed everything. So much for a no spend day :>)

Day 6- Look at the finances from last year and tithe. Sine my husband is ill, I choose the early Mass and slipped my check into the basket that I did not touch.  Nothing worse then sharing the flu at Church :>)  I hope I don't have it---but not worth taking chances in a crowd.
Today will be a final day of packing up baby clothes for the trip to daughter.
I will be cleaning up some loose ends for a trip with her and my grandson later in the day.
A stew is in the pot for diner.

Thanks Carla for reminding me to clean up and move forward!


Kimberly said...

Good for you! I'm just getting around to catching up and clearing up now that older kids have flown home, girls are back to school, and dh is back to work. Lesson plans have been the priority today.

Linda Myers said...

We are wintering in Tucson - packed up our car last Tuesday and drove four days. I'm thinking about all the STUFF at home and am drawn to the idea of decluttering when we get home in March.