Friday, January 04, 2013

Home again

It was a wonderful trip
We all crowded into my daughter's house for ten days
No one exploded.
We laughed at some really great games of
Fact or Crap,

and Go Fish (my 5 year old grandson is a whiz at winning).
Christmas came with Church on Post and Santa writing

We took the train to the Big Apple and caught a glimpse of a spoon full of sugar

My husband and son and son in law caught up on the entire season of
and talked the new laws coming down.
My daughter in law and daughter were upstairs with me
talking all things baby.
Names were bantered about:>)
A quick trip to Annapolis to end the year
was quiet and sweet.
The next two days were filled with putting away,
reorganizing, and filling boxes for the basement
as the prep for the next adventure begins.

I am so thankful for my family.
I thought about my parents often over this trip.
How difficult it was to manage five of us
and give us treats like we are doing with our own.

I missed my dad when listening to a full orchestra
and my mom on the train.

Life is good and we are ready for another year
of crazy changes.

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