Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Forgetting that Presidents are people
makes them into some sort of folk hero (or villain).

What pushes a person to place themselves into such a role?
Many of our Presidents have only had one parent raise them
or none.
Many were seen as brilliant scholars
even though they never have made it to college in the formal way.
Most were great humanitarians
even if they never met a common man.
Actually, most started as "common men".

Some saw their children die
of common things
or no real cause at all.

What makes them tick?
What makes them want to put
one leg and then the other into pants every morning?

They take the blame even during the times they should be applauded.
Once again I am reminded that I would never want to be
 in the situation to put another person's child in harms way.
I truly appreciate those who have to make that decision.

If you have not seen the movie Lincoln
you need to go.
It is insightful.

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