Sunday, January 27, 2013

With all change comes a time for expanding learning

Sew Liberated has endured as one of my all time favorite blog. Meg has evolved in front of her blog audience eyes from a young and idealistic teacher to a simplistic mother. Not more stuff- but more attention to small details.  I see my daughter growing in the same way. There is that tender balance between crafts, cares, climbing and cuddles. It is wonderful to witness. My only wish is that I could be close enough to enjoy it more than thirty days a year.

My bags are packed for our next journey together. The small bag is filled with my clothes- extra shoes, rain gear, light pants, Tums. The second bag- the much larger one is filled with baby gear- Boppy, infant hats, gloves, onesies, and clothes.  Of course, since the larger bag is going home with the other family it is also filled with cassette tapes (yes, my grandson now has an old tape recorder and loves Adventures in Oddessy), books, bubbles, paint and whatever else I could scrounge for him. Play is a child's work.

I almost like that my two traveling adult companion are both pregnant. That gives me, selfishly, more time to be with my grandson. Nothing like placing four strong willed people in the same 550 ft room for six days. We should survive since we will all be exhausted from walking, walking, walking. My hope is loads of talk time as we walk from place to place. Learning about each other and what our dreams look like.

At Mass today the reading was about "many parts, but all one body". It is one of my favorites.  It gave me perspective. Sitting back and thinking; there are six families here joining. We are one body with many different gifts to bring to the table of the Lord. 

A time for reflection and learning. I have a great deal of learning to do!

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Kimberly said...

Beautiful! Have a wonderful time!