Monday, February 18, 2013


I spent a week with my mom
Going through things
Parting out Christmas ornaments
And Easter baskets.
She decided on what she wanted to keep
She has started over.

My friend's youngest is moving away in April
She has decided to sell her house
Get rid of most of the stuff and start over.

Another friend is moving after a 20 year relationship ended.
She has decided to not sell the house
But she is moving on
Starting over.

My daughter thought that having another child was impossible
Their child is due in May
Gathering the things to make the baby's entry easier.
Starting over

Returning to "retirement" is my starting over.
New challenges in teaching someone how to read
One on one
Just as I hoped life would take me.
Starting over.

I am so pleased to be at a point and a place
That starting over is a good thing.


Bonnie said...

Wonderful writing, so perceptive, each day we start over with something , each day can be new. Thank you for reminding me of it.

Barbara Torris said...

This was beautiful. I was reminded that positive mind will the new beginning and not the old ending. Starting over can be a very good thing.

Be well my friend and if you ever want to join us in Arizona, I will invite Bob down and we will visit for a while.


ancient one said...

Loved this post!!

Elena LaVictoire said...

Janette, I found this article about homebirths in Maryland. Perhaps it will help?

Barbara Torris said...

I think that starting over in some small way keeps me alive and active. I suppose some of us need change more than others.

Thank you for this thoughtful post.