Monday, April 01, 2013

Teaching someone to read

My months have been busy.
After  a few years of being quite lazy in my volunteer life,
it has all moved forward.

I took on an adult who had never learned how to read.
He is the same age as my oldest,
a product of :
too early in school,
whole language only approach
and no one who knew how to reteach after second grade.
He left school in eighth grade.

This man is anxious to read.
We spend every morning together.
As we progress, he finds that he does remember certain aspects of reading.
There are loads of pauses and head nods as he reaches into childhood
to pull out a different memorized word.
When he learns a new "English rule" he often states,
"that makes sense".

He has given me so much.
In two short months I have learned how important it is
to simply admit you do not know what you do not know,
seek someone to help,
and try not to let pride get in the way.
Those are things I have always held, but never seen on my own.

I have so many things to work on myself.
Confession is something difficult for me.
And yet, through the witness of this man, Tuesday saw me "in the booth".
It is much easier when you let pride step to the side.

This man has great goals.
He would like his Bachelors before his son gets out of elementary.
There is an air that his wife totally supports his efforts.

Letting people support,
Putting sights on goals,
Moving forward.
That is life as we know it, isn't it?


Renee said...

I think in many ways adults can be easier to teach to read because they are motivated. What a blessing you are to him

Linda Myers said...

Ah, you are a blessing to each other!

ancient one said...

I think it is great that you are teaching someone something that is so important. GOD Bless you!!

Kimberly said...

...and the teacher becomes the student Blessing on you both!