Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The journey continues

Today I chose to substitute.
The pit of my stomach reminded me of the anxiety.
Would I be able to return?
Exactly why is this important?
How were my gifts to be used as tithing?

Be brave!

Walked in and took over.
There were a few tears through the five hours-
but more giggles and smiles.
Relaxed mood eased in as
the anxiety moved to the back of my mind.

Thinking back.
When was the last time I substituted for four and five year olds?
Thinking further.
How would my grandson react if things were not going his way?

No need for me to worry.
The children simply needed reassurance that
they would recieve  consistent loving care from me.
They knew the routine
They could lead.

The hours ended.
Children who were nervous and melting down at the beginning
chirped and spun with those who had giggled the entire time.

Next time I will bring my supplies of glitter, glue, books, music and joy.
No anxiety.
Early childhood,
beginning skills,
at home,
once again.
Maybe a few feathers to give my new journey flight!


Kimberly said...

Was looking for the LIKE button. LOL!

Katia Neill said...

It's interesting to see life reflected in poetry.