Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sunday, July 28, 2013

I tend to tilt at windmills

My life is pretty darn great.
Having a family that loves and cares for each other is top priority.


I tend to tilt at windmills.
My favorite windmill is universal health care.
Where is the justice in seeing one person suffer 
with the same problem that would be easily solved
because they make too much or too little money?

My next windmill
is the terrible education system that is currently allowed in some places in the country.
How come it is impossible for a child to be rewarded to read a book
an actual piece of literature
but be rewarded for keeping their head down and mouth closed?
Why is it that only people who watch out for their children
because they have time or money,
and know what they are looking for,
get to have a good education presented for their children?
Why is it that the public system spends
far less on the child who could become 
a surgeon, then the one who tries to injure a classmate?

Third windmill
Why is it that every time I agree with a political side 
I am automatically placed on that side and then called names?
or shut out because my opinion is no longer valid?

Guess what?
There are many sides to all of the issues.
Just because I am nervous about the debt and our interaction with China
Does not make me a right winged loonie.
Heck, listening to "the plan" while in Hong Kong 25 years ago
made me take notice
when the plan comes together.....

Just because I feel that medical care is a basic human right 
All children, no matter what their parents do, should be fed. 
I am not a communist marcher.

That I clamp for each person who takes on the vocation of Presidency
Does not give me a political party.
It gives me the word that someone, 
who puts on their pants the same way that I do, 
should be respected.
Does that mean I do not write letters
heck no!
this is a Republic!

One thing that has absorbed 
my time since my youth
was study.
Study people & situations. 
My background is debate.  No one knows how to do that anymore!!!!

Guess what else.
I do not worship a Pope. 
 I am smart enough to listen to someone who has walked in shoes I will never know.
Sometimes 2000 years of experience will give an institution some vision.
Sometimes that vision is off kilter---but one would have to be blind to not see that.

My last windmill 
My basic belief that most every person is good until they prove otherwise.
I have met good and evil people in all walks of life.
Listening to them and being able to decipher what they are trying to sell
is key to a good exisitance.
Are they there for themselves only?
Do they want to change things the only way they know how?
Or are they manipulative and only want their own needs/wants fulfilled?

My husband often chuckles at me.
He cannot understand why it is important to me.
He grew up poor and is living his version of the American Dream.
I grew up in what others thought was 
 the American Dream 
and wondering why it is such a mess.
And so
I tilt at windmills.

Monday, July 01, 2013

Goal One- Day One

SMART Goal one is,  "Under 200".

I would like to accomplish this by December 30. 
Have a bet with my son in law to lose 30 lbs before Christmas. 
This will get me past the 200 mark.
If I am at the 200 mark at the end of the year,
 I will have accomplished this goal 
(even if I lose the bet with my sil and have to give him the 100 bucks).

Boy this is scary to put this in writing.

This is the weight I put on after my husband left the Army- 17 years ago in December.
It was gained mostly in the last seven years
 while dealing with stressful extended family situations and a stressful job.  
Letting both of these things go will be my other goal during this time.

Indifference instead of intense dislike. 

Any input will be appreciated along the way- as long as it is encouraging.
Of course if I divert from my healthy living blog and go into politics
comment any way you would like!

This blog is going to get some serious work outs!

A different turn

We all know that life takes you in many directions.
Some of those are turns you might wish you never took.
Others are turns that you have no idea of the outcome.

So, I am going to take a turn on this blog.

Having grandchildren changes you. 

My first is a joy and just beginning to be at an age that I will have to really get in shape to keep up with.  Going camping and hiking with him is a huge incentive to getting in shape. 
Now there will be two more to keep up with. 

Currently, I can walk on flat land for miles and miles.  With the weight that has been gathered in the last  thirty one years, up and down hills is a pain.  Walking the Grand Canyon with my grandson will be a challenge unless things turn NOW!

This will be a chronicle of that challenge. 

My plans are to get rid of the extra baggage that has been holding back my love for the out of doors.  
Today marks the beginning of an 
Eighty Pound weight loss. 
Not as thin as my wedding pictures, but thin enough to put on a backpack and play in the woods.
My hopes are that my grandchildren will see the person I am. Growing up in rural Phoenix, riding my bike five miles to school, hiking in the Arizona and Colorado mountains, playing tennis and baseball, riding motorcycles, swimming in the oceans, being crazy adventurous.

We plan on going to Israel three months after my son gets home from war.
That is my goal. 
He gets home from war.
He arrives to a wonderful small family of his wife and child.
And I am a slimmer. more vital self, ready to move forward with my life and living.

This size of body is ridiculous. 
My numbers are good---but I cannot carry it and a 40 lbs pack at the same time!
Time for a walk!