Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11

The plan is to see two people in Arlington this month.  One we lost on September 11th. The other was a young man who was part of our Saudi community. He lost his life in Afghanistan.

I wrote this several years ago. It sums up my feelings.

September 11th

The students in sixth grade last year were barely walking
on September 11th, 2001.
I worked hard to find a good documentary
to give them a sense of what happened.
What happened?
We had been back from Saudi for
what seemed to be such a short time.
The bombing that we lived through seemed so close,
and yet untouchable as we hid away
in our mountain cabin home.
I had been walking with a good friend that morning
Getting home for the morning news
while I showered and changed for the drive to school.
Flipping on the TV to watch film of the first plane hit
- with the immediate speculation that
it was a commuter jet that had gone off course.
An accident.
I woke my daughter and called my friend
I knew it was not an accident.
All my memories came into play.
The smell of dust and fire
Bleeding people
children calling for parents
it was so close again.
Then the second plane hit.
I screamed "I knew it!"
Going to school was part of the adrenaline
as coming home from school
had been six years before.

How do you explain that to children?
You want them to believe that
all is right with the world.

There are good people

There are bad people

We simply have to assume the good in all
or else we could become
part of the bad.