Thursday, January 16, 2014

It is good to take down the flag

Our flag went up in August.

Our grandchildren play in the playhouse under it.
The turkeys, deer, coyotes and dogs ran around it.
The flag flew through wind, rain, full moons, snow,
sleet and generally crazy Kansas weather.
It was illuminated by the beating sun and the solar light.
The barn light lit it when the solar light failed.
The car carrying our granddaughter and daughter in law drove under it as often as possible.

People who played on the lake saw it.
Helicopters from post flew over it.
And golfers on the course judged the wind by it.
Leaves turned and fell near it.

Now it is folded.
We will put it in a case with the flag he flew in Afghanistan.

It will always be a reminder of Aunt Mary's and James' service.